Name: Jiva
Age: 300,045
Crush: none
Personality: Loner. She doesn't talk to people much, since there are constantly souls to be sent off. She enjoys the peace, but sometimes souls will send out a horrendous screech when sent into the underworld.
Balances: She balances nothing. The balancer of life sends souls to her. She sends the souls to live under the Earth with Alastor, or in the stars with Seraphina.
She has a very important job. She is the "sender of souls"some say. Since she sends souls to where they belong. She doesn't get out much, but she doesn't mind. She doesn't have any friends, though some people always try. She remembers sending Alina's soul into the upperworld, as it's called. Cynthia has held a grudge against her ever since, even though she knows Jiva was just doing her job.

I hope you like her! Have a great day/night! Buh-bye!

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