On the way home this evening I was looking at the sunset and noticed a bear sitting there looking at me!! What fun to find creatures in the sky!!! I took some artistic license and replaced the houses with mountains! I like the Mountains better!

Many, Many Thanks for the beautiful 's and awesome comments you have left for this sketch!! I'm so happy you loved the Little Besr Up There!!!🌹

Gail⚡️su. 🐻
MaggyC 🐻
Twinee1 🐻
OregonHere 🐻
Joy 🐻
Maxxam 🐻
Reggie 🐻
Hawaiian Misty (Pam 🐻
Paco 🐻
Arnie2two😊 🐻
Fire Dove 🐻
Debora.m 🐻

. This sketch placed 9th in the Cloud Characters competition!! Thank You everyone for all your congratulations, lovely comments and your votes!!!!💕

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9th place in Cloud Characters

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