Dedicating this sketch to my sweet friend Reggie. I want Reggie to be able to visit Italy almost as much as Reggie wants to visit Italy. Reggies's paintings of Italy seem more like an ancestral memory, and not from her imagination, but they are. I believe Reggie is channeling her ancestors when she sketches them. Check them out in Reggie's gallery. Here's to you, Reggie. Thank you for the years of support and your friendship. Check out Reggie's gallery here Reggie. When you ( or we) go, I think you should check out this place too. Love ya, sweet friend.
All visitors of Burano remain intrigued by the many colours and the coloured houses that are reflected into the green waters of channels, by the leaning bell tower, by the tranquility and the calmness with which the elderly ladies embroider original Burano lace by their tombolo (or lace pillow), while they are laughing and chatting in squares among them. It seems to be in paradise. Children who dart freely with their bicycles, balconies with multicolored flowers, fishermen who put up fresh fish from their traditional boats.

Oh wow! Just realized this had been featured! Thank you sweet Reggie! We're going to get there someday! You're so sweet to feature this. Thank you all for your sweet comments, likes and hearts!

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