I have looked at the void and it stared back. Five and a half hours long.
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For the portrait group, selfie challenge.
Which also stated we had to say something about ourselves, so here you go:
My name is Alex, I'm 17 and from Germany, a full time student at a pretty hard school, and an enthusiast of Art, science, languages and music. If you think I'm pretentious from that sentence, well, you're right. The title of this sketch is a reference to James Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man". Which I think adds quite a lot to the pretentiousness of this piece.
I think the whole act of making a self portrait is very pretentious. I do not like that way I look - That's not special at all, it's rare a Teenager likes what they look like. But I have to make peace with it, and staring at a photo smirking like a little *curseword* and trying to replicate it to my best ability is a step in the right direction? I think?
I rarely look at myself, and because I'm usually the person who takes photos, photos of me are rare.
I always take a lot of pictures, even on normal days, but when stuff gets exciting, my photo/day count is up in the hundreds. I have even found out why that is - all days blur together sooner or later, no matter how great they were, and I'll forget that I felt good, or that people really like me, or that I'm able to have fun. I kind of need proof for everything I do, so I have 'receipts' I can show to myself. People are often annoyed, but I tell them that I need the photos to draw them later (which I sometimes do as well - A good half of my artwork has my own photos as reference). I have absolutely no idea why I'm just telling y'all that deeply personal stuff. I guess no one else would listen. (That numbness and days blurring together stuff... it's a symptom of depression, apparently. Interesting!)
Wowie this got dark. So here's something nice:
My dear mum took this one, and she was probably said something like 'you look like you're plotting a murder with great enjoment' after she took it. I did not, but this smirk is really... Something else.
This shirt belongs to my dad, but mum and I enjoy wearing it too. It's probably older than me and has a lot of holes, but it's the most fucken comfortable thing ever.

Okay, enough with this stream of consciousness run on sentences. Sorry I put you through that.

Last self portrait can be found here: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10509809
That Glo up...wow

So this was not that fun to draw (if you want, you can watch my mental health deteriorating in the WIPs).
But I did it, and I'm alive, and that's what matters.

👍👍!!!!!CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ENCOURAGED!!!!! Be as harsh as you want, I can take it.👍👍


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