In the not-too-distant future, long-distance space travel is only viable with the use of cryogenic stasis. However, the Vanguard's crew are not all in stasis at once. The crew complement is twelve, but four people at a time are active. Each crew member is active for five years, and then is rotated into stasis and the next crew member is removed from stasis. Rotating one crew member each year means that for every 65 years, each member of the crew is only aware of the passage of five years.

As for fuel replenishment, the craft is able to harvest frozen oxygen, hydrogen, and water from deep space objects such as comets and asteroids.

The biggest issue with humans on long-term missions is cosmic radiation. This is solved by creating an artificial magnetosphere.

Because of these innovations, despite not yet mastering FTL speed, deep space exploration is now possible.

The WIP shows the ship's exterior.

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