YEAH! I came in 6th in the so I earned a star to be able to feature someones art! I LOVE earning stars and trying to decide who to feature! So many awesome artists on here!

Thanks to FalconBlade for this very fun challenge idea! I loved it and learned a lot while drawing this.

This was way outta my comfort zone! I have never drawn a spaceship. As I began, I found myself wondering why spaceships are always dark, gray and white. Very stale and cold. Also, I would have a hard time being up in space, away from friends, family and Earth.
So I painted the inside of the ship fun, colorful colors to keep the spirits up and help create a happy mood for the Space travelers. Each traveler was able to choose what color they wanted there bedroom painted.
The only entry to the dining room is the catwalk at the bottom of the ship. It is at a slight incline and is similar to an escalator. It runs the full expanded of the ship which equals 2 miles. ( 2 miles sounded good!?!) this way, each traveler will be guaranteed to get in there daily exercise.
I hired some of my friends at Sketchclub to reproduce famous paintings to hand along the wall. The Space travelers can view the wonderful art from Earth and hopefully it will make them feel closer to home and help lift their spirits.

The elevators are bright yellow with windows to the outside. We don't want any of the travelers to get claustrophobic so I installed a lot of windows throughout the space ship. This way, they can make sure there aren't any Alien creatures about!

A major concern in space is water. There is a very intricate system on the other side of the spaceship that turns human waist, sweat, condensation from the air into drinkable water. Below the walkway is the emergency water supply, just in case!

In the dining room, there are 2 TV's so travelers can watch TV while eating. Of course, they will need to bring there favorite CD's because there is no Wi-Fi, cable or Internet in space!

Also located on the other side of the ship is a gathering area with sofas and chairs and a large round table for meetings and game playing. Yes, they are conducting experiments and running the ship most hours of the day but down time and play are very important too. In the gathering room are 2 TV's and the latest gaming system along with board games and cards.
Apple gifted each Traveler with an IPod downloaded with there favorite tunes and an IPad loaded with books,magazines and the Sketch Club app. with an Apple stylist so they can draw and write about the space journey.

Be safe Space Travelers!

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