For the Mothers Day compo. Nursing is about as normal a practice as I can think of. We adopted both our boys, so I never nursed, always used the bottle. They did fine. Just one of those things! Infertility was a tough journey. But, we ended up with the boys we were supposed to love, not those hypothetical children that never were.

Based on a Sktchy reference. If this sketch gets flagged, it will be by an American, mark my word.

There are, by the way, many paintings of the Madonna nursing the infant Christ, from the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras. Nursing was a normal part of life. And the theme, in Christian art, emphasized both the Catholic doctrine of Mary as the Mother of God and the essential humanity of Jesus, born as a baby, living a human life. Here is a Wikipedia article on the topic:

Wow! Thank you akinga for the feature!

17th in the compo! Thanx guys!

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