In honor of my Mama in Heaven this Mother's Day, I have done this portrait of her. I want to Thank Marissa Frame who helped mentor me through this sketch. I really appreciate her constructive suggestions and allowing me to see the changes needed that allowed me to grow in my art!

Thank You my Dear Friend 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸 for featuring the portrait of my Mother. From one daughter who misses her Mother to another daughter who missed her Mother I want to thank you from the bottom of my !!!🌹

Thank You for your gift of a precious for this labor of love!

Marcia Wegmann 🌹
wind dancer 🌹
Marisa F 🌹
Krisse vans 🌹
Quelonzia 🌹
Reggie 🌹
Obilio 🌹
Snowwhite❤️Melanie 🌹
Bailey336 🌹
Fire Dove 🌹
MaggyC 🌹
Sheridan Cain 🌹
Char 🌹
Colleen 🌹

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