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This is Whiskers and Hop's Space Home. There are elevators on the outside to help them get around the following five floors:

- Cockpit

Lots of colorful buttons to push, plus three seats for our friends. However, most of the time they fly on auto pilot. The entrance of the cockpit is on the side we can't see.

- Kitchen

Hop does most of the cooking, mostly because Whiskers will eat the food before it's done and Sushi can't reach everything. But also because he's a great cook. No need for a dining room, they always eat in front of the TV.

- Living room

A big comfy couch, a huge TV and Netflix. What more do you need?

- Toilet

The place to bee, apparently.

- Bathroom

A bathtub large enough to fit Whiskers and for Sushi to do a little swimming. The washer and dryer are on the side we can't see.

- Bedroom Whiskers

Whiskers snores so he has his own separate bedroom.

- Bedroom Hop & Sushi

Hop and Sushi share a room and sleep in a bunk bed.

PS: Did you spot waldo?

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