Gift for my mom when Mother's Day rolls around < 3. Aaa my mom is the best for me! She's hard working, even though she's hurt. I love you a lot mom! You're always there for me, and despite the fact that sometimes I get really mad at you, deep down I still love you ^^ My mom has never really see me draw, so I hope this makes her happy! (If only my printer printed the ink out CORRECTLY
Also entered in the Mother's Day compo! Cause why not? I want another shot at a compo until I get to 25th place

Issa so cute I know uwu I hope she likes it


Mothers are mothers. They can't be replaced. Yes am I being sappy? Maybe. But once they're gone, they're gone. Poof. You can't ever replace your mom. And if you don't have one? You used to. And however they went away, they went away loving you deep down. My mom said to me she thinks I don't care for her. But I do. My mom has been there's every time, and I've not been treating her with the respect she needs. I hope when she sees this, she'll know I do respect and love her. Thank you mom.

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