As a side note..this is a mixed ref. sketch. I can't find the pillow picture any more, but have added the boy here.

I've thought about this composition since the challenge was posted. I didn't want to post an idyllic, typical Mother's Day sketch, because I wanted to represent the other reality of being a parent.

In this sketch, a mom has put her toddler in a timeout. She is frustrated with his behavior, but she is also second guessing herself. With the invention of the internet, we have more opinions, choices, and ideas than ever before. What a mom should and shouldn't do is debated daily on the net. It used to be, parenting advice came from your family and maybe your close friends and community, now it comes from the whole world. She's at her limit here, trying to hide her tears from her already upset child. She cries because she thinks she's failing. She cries because he cries and she feels his emotions in her soul.

Please, be kind to those who are making their journey in raising their kids. They are partial people, their minds and souls consumed by their children.

To the SC kids that might see this, please take the time to acknowledge the huge part of your parent's soul that you occupy. They love you more than you can comprehend. Your parents are making their way the best they can, even if you don't agree.

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