When all was quiet and nobody around --the girls would take a dip in the pond before the sun went down! Taking a flashlight and towel they would take their scary but fun swim to the sounds of birds , animal moving around maybe an owl hooting!
Summer was here and the water warm, but one wondered what was nibbling at their toes, hopefully only tiny fish and not a snapping turtle !

The sun set n the valley
And my heart held priceless joy
On this lovely eve in summer
just so precious to enjoy;
A world of quiet beauty,
In a quaint and wonderous way,
Everything your heart could ask for-
In one summer evening day!
I have been looking for the poem I redid to fit my sketch and give credit to author for the inspiration! Unable to find, poet wrote about the day and I turned it to evening! Loved how words were so beautifully said! May have been unknown- I had rewritten it yrs. ago to this memory!

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