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Name: Safir (sah-feer)
Age: 15-18
Gender: Demi-girl
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Species: Half devil half demon
Traits: Horns, goat beard, goat tail, long black nails on hands and feet, two-piece tongue.
-Only ever eats sweets
-Can't ride a bike or drive a car.
-Has a very nice house.
-Doesn't like music very much.
-Cam girl.
-Sarcastic, sly and mischievous but very friendly and sweet.
-Has huge anxiety issues.
-Hates internet culture and memes.
-Hates committed relationships with men because her ex was a dck.
-Swears a lot.
-Smokes weed.
Shippable: Yea

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