Stereogram notes: This is a simpler stereogram than my last one. Since there are only two images to merge, you will know you are viewing it correctly when you see three beds. Only the bed in the middle will possess the three dimensional planes of view.
If you are unfamiliar with or have difficulty with viewing stereograms, look online or try my tutorial here:

Device notes: If you are viewing with a phone or iPad mini, you should have no difficulty viewing this if you are familiar with stereograms. For larger devices, you will NOT be able to view this full screen. Use the thumbnail or stand further away from your screen to view correctly.

Sketch notes:
Racky, the gray raccoon, was my favorite toy because his mother, the brown raccoon, belonged to my mother. It was really special to have a "mother-child" toy. Sadly, over years of moves, Racky became separated from his mother. This picture will help him to remember her.

Thanks for the s!
Fire Dove

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