Original title is original
Also can shove this into yesterday's challenge
Anyways this is for Jar (and oc belongs to him too)

Spent almost 13 hours on this
I'm proud of it for... the vast majority of it, but I would've done more details but I really need to work on things I have in real life... my priorities are all in the wrong places and I really have to work on things like the art sketchbook we've already started for gcse

Also summer exams start on Friday and I haven't revised yet

Also this looks better at full brightness

Regardless, e n j o y

Also some parts look better if you zoom, like the scales
Spent most of my time doing the scales

Nullified Infinity
Georgia Lee

Edit: Holy crap I actually got a feature
Than k you whoever is behind the "featured by sketch club" thing

Edit 2: Oh my god
Too sketches 7 days?? That's been my goal for the last almost 4 years holy- thank you so much everyone!

Edit 3: y es finally a new sketch on my top sketches-
Achieved spot on top sketches of the last 7 days on 19/05/17, thank you!
100 likes 23/05/17 ^^

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Challenge: Cool colors

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