A few things..
I'm lucky, I cut myself today and got away with it. Why? Personal reasons. Especially what my family is saying to me. The only person I have to make me happy is my mom..
I feel like I'm being tortured by those around me, in real life and on the internet
My face behind the screen isn't pretty.
It's a face that would make you sigh and look away.
I never smile. If I do it's because I got hurt. I'm going threw a stressful time. Especially since I'm alone in this huge world...
My arms are bruised and covered in marks and scars aswell as cuts.
It's not pretty..
I got told by a family member I'm not family to them..,,
The way people treat me is wrong.. they treat me like I'm some piece of trash.
If you read all of this.
Thanks for caring...

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