A true rural church:

Located 3 miles east and 6 miles north of Edson, KS, Pleasant Home Church is the very definition of a country church. Surrounded on all four sides by sunflower fields and a cattle pasture, this rural meeting place has been a weekly gathering for even more rural farmers and ranchers for 130 years. Founded in 1887 in a sod building, this church has seen its share of rural life that uniquely characterizes western Kansas, complete with tornadoes, dust storms and crippling blizzards that are not rare in this mountain elevation region. The boundary between Central and Mountain time zones sits along the road that makes the eastern border of the property. With congregants from two time zones, all services are held in Mountain time zone. (Oops, someone forgot to unhitch the stock trailer the night before church. Had to bring it along and not be late for service! Oh, and if you look behind the church, you'll see the "Midwestern mountains", also known as storm clouds!)

My father pastored this church during what I now consider to be the best years of my childhood. Out in the windy, wild plains of western Kansas, I spent untold hours up in a tree in the corner by the road developing my love for reading and drawing whilst the cows lowed nearby and the sunflowers swayed in the breeze. I have no doubt that this time of solitude and reflection helped me to grow far closer to God during what could have been tumultuous early teen years. Living here was a gift from my Savior as my faith in Him deepened. (Yep. That's the tree...right in front facing the sunrise!)

It's my pleasure to try to recreate this memory for others in tribute to the "pleasant home" it offered me during my life! Happy 130 years, Pleasant Home!


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Thanks to all who have liked this sketch. I am blown away...(good thing it isn't a dust storm!)

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