A character from my story, "Dreamland".
Light spirit, scribe, and healer. Light Prism is a cool and emotionally suppressed, yet surprisingly caring girl. She doesn't like to talk about her past and will quickly attempt to change the subject if it comes into topic. Nobody knows for certain why this is, but she seems to know a great deal more about the human realm than any other dreamling. She seems to be fluent in French, though she claims to have learned from books given by humans.
Usually she helps King Felix with managing and sending documents and letters, sometimes using her healing powers to tend to the wounds of castle guards.
When Mazarine and the new hero run off on a quest to find the missing king, Light Prism reluctantly joins their crusade so as to make sure no one gets themselves killed (Much to Mazarine's surprise, as they aren't on the best of terms anymore).

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