~not all mine~ And I'm missing some

*You are giggles the majestic Floof queen!! You know it's good if 8ball agrees!
*8ball hates me ._.
*You're a special kind of stupid aren't you?
*WARNING: Cliffs are closer than they appear!!!
*I love you a lottle. A little......but a lot.
*If you're only dead alittle, you're alright!
*The more Floof the better.
*Dosh Darnit!!!!!!
* :O :0 :o :I :T
*When you're name is giggles, you've just gotta giggle.
*My owl just sits on your heads. That's it's thing.
*Sild slides snow on her slipper sled. Say that five times fast.
*This company is about to get a strong worded letter from me!
*Pushes of a cliff. Oh wait you can fly? Oh well I'll just shoot you with a canon. What you have a canon? Oh just shut up Blue. And don't you dare discuss this with 8ball!!
*Oh you're crying? Um.....there there?
*I'm usually really smart. Except in social situations, life skills, street smarts, comebacks, and yeah let's just stop the list there.
*It's not an obsession....it's just a hobby. Yeah sure lets go with that.
*I'm confuzzled.
*This is your last warning. Don't try and break into wild's house. You will be viciously mauled by 6 crocodiles, 78 dogs, 14 cats, 2 snakes, 179 birds, 64 dolphins on wheels and don't forget the colony of educated penguins.
*Ems and Wild are gonna move to Antarctica and start a. Colony of educated penguins! They will also be protected by navy seals.
*My queen status has been updated. I am Giggles the Queen of cliffs, Floof, and motherin.
*Draco mothboy the prince of motherin
*Queen status update: I now have loyal subjects C: Emmy the memorizing messanger and blue/Jay the cliff-survival instructer and shiny object collecter
*Is it weird that I know that if you turn to page 56 in the new copy of the half blood prince dumbledore states raspberry is his favourite flavour of jam?" - Emmy
*Oh yeah? You wanna talk HP ships? *pulls out notes and brings up PowerPoint presentation*
*"Giggles the useless sheet of paper and Em the hammer." - Athena and Em 2016
* #Flynnisanindependentbeautifulman -Wild #yeahandimawizard -Athena
*"I hope I don't pull a wild" -Em 2017
*"it's a lovely night to die." SA all the time
*Hunter heard the silent tears #athenaswritingsucksatnight

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