Open to chat about any of these and feel free to ask about things not listed. I'm always open for new book and tv suggestions don't be afraid to chat

Books I love
How to train your dragon, Chronicles of Narnia, Wings of Fire, Warrior Cats (all series), The Fifth Wave, Survivors, Waggit, Divergent, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Last Dogs, Wolves of the Beyond, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Cryptic Hunters, Killer Species, Spirit Animals, Animas, The Unwanteds-----more coming soon

TV Shows I have watched and enjoy
Riverdale, Seinfeld, The Office, Flash, Friends, 13 reasons, The Middle, Once Upon A Time, Spongebob (lol), Malcolm in the Middle, Big Bang Theory, Avatar the Last Airbender----those are the mains, but not a completed list

Movies I will always enjoy
All Harry Potters, both Amazing Spider-Man's, all Mazerunners, Life of Pi, Zootopia, Gifted, both Guardians of the Galaxy, most marvel movies (too many to list), all Narnia movies, Titanic------more to be added, not at all complete

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