yeah, they do. they make me GAG.

i've seen a ton of roleplays of them that just make me feel disgusted, mad, and plain out SICK.

edd is dead. you're just shipping someone with a dead person- what the hell are you, "insane"? (Not using Insanity as a joke.) second of all.. i've seen almost a crap ton of porn-like stuff based off of the ships.. neck kisses.. alot of that. STOP IT. it's disgusting!
and when someone tells you to stop, you WILL stop.. (yeah, i've told alot of people to stop but they hadn't..)
It gets annoying. VERY annoying.. and Eddsworld has been dead since a long time ago.. people have been saying "oh i'm out of eddsworld and i don't ship anything" but look at you ! you're doing it right now.. it's annoying, sick, and disgusting. i feel bad for edd- what the fandom is doing to 'em. (Not to mention nobody really cares about the death- ahem..)

just stop-- im gagging just thinking about it rn..


This is what i went through with my old account.. damn!

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