Woo finally redid my "meet the artist" from like forever ago! I've changed a lot lol, for the better definitely! Ignore any wonky anatomy as I'm still learning to human

Screen Name: AthenaWolf
Nicknames: Athens, Giggles, or Queen
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 31st, 2001
Sign: Scorpio
Country: 'Merica
Belief: Christian
Activities: Cross Country and manage Basketball (lol baller)
Main OC: Coin

What's in my bag?
*bag itself is Kavu with a Flash button (Lightning gave me abs.)
-Harry Potter Tervis
-Car keys and house keys on Slytherin Keychain
- Pen and pencil
- iPhone
-Hand Sanitizer
-Vera Bradley wallet
-Book (featuring my most recent read; The Unwanteds)

-I have recently embraced my naturally curly hair and basically never straighten it anymore
-when I say curly, I mean long ringlet style curls
-dark coppery brown with random blonde highlights (natural)
-it has grown down a few inches past my shoulder

-pale with freckles

-grey eyes
-turn crystal blue when I cry

-in winter I live in skinny jeans and my basketball sweatshirt. And uggs don't forget the uggs
-in summer I live in running shorts and t-shirts
-I also wear my cross country jacket a lot
-also don't forget that terrible school uniform I also live in :(

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