firsT off nO Not a vent! I swear to my soul that I'm okie QVQ and Lordy willowlooklikeshehitpubertyhardagain- AhEM and I messed with the effects too mucchh ;;v;; so sorry for the edge ppfghfh, buT Anyway hey hey Later I have to pick the 2 winners from my Raffle ôVô Better be ready my peeps ~ And Tysm for joining!! Alsoo hope ya guys enjoy this!

+ Oc I Own "Willow"!
+ Do N O T Steal/Copy/Trace Or Repost!!
+ Please Do Give A or a But Tysm it Means a lot!

EDIT: wOOO LORDY GUys?? TySM for THe feature!!

.: :.
☆ AJ ☆
🐾Kiwi clover🐾

That's it Peeps UvU Now have a good Day and night!

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