A character from my story, "Dreamland".
Nerdy teen by day, king of an alternate world by night. Felix Blake is curious and unpredictable.
Being the ruler of a land based around childhood imagination and dreams isn't all that it's cracked up to be, especially when you can't explore it anymore because of a looming threat from another kingdom.
Felix used to be able to go on adventures for days, but now he's mostly locked up in the castle. If it weren't for his friend and temporary appointed knight Mazarine, he would probably go stir crazy.
But when a prophecy about a hero who will save the realm from eternal darkness starts to play out and almost all of Felix's friends at the castle suddenly leave on a quest with this new hero-to-be, it was the tipping point for his patience. So he set off to the dungeon to consult a certain witch who owed him a favor.

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