Yeah, yeah, you all know I love John and I'm gonna marry him in heaven.
But Jesus man, I spent a crap ton of work on this. Seven hours of pure...John. This is the kind of thing I want to get recognition and part of me suspects it won't. But I mean, you know what really matters here more than attention? John bloody Winston Lennon, my dead goddamn husband-to-be!

No, I'm not putting Ono in there too. I don't care if he legally added it as a second middle name, I ain't putting it.

See if you can recognize all the Johns I drew. Pick a favorite, tell me you can't because they all look the same, whatever. I spent a damn long time on it and I like it. A lot.
Personally I prefer 1980 deathday mullet John in the top right corner and I think I'm going to draw him again later today. Mad Day Out John is pretty nice too. And Rubber Soul John. And butcher cover photoshoot John.
Screw it, I like them all.

Oh god, my co-leader must have featured this...Without my permission, might I add. For those of you who don't know, I'm the other leader of the Beatles group on here. Oh well, thanks Bee! I hope nobody gets suspicious because of this...

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