Just as the title says, then it's time for me to say goodbye to sc for awhile ;;w;;

I've had an absolutely amazing time here, and sc has been helping me through so many things in my personal life, which I really didn't expect at all when I first bought the app. I've made a lot of great moments here, which I will treasure UvU I've also made a lot of amazing friends here too. They helped me through so much, like when I didn't feel very mentally well, they helped me slowly get better. And they also helped me accept my guilty pleasure, kpop imao. They got me to the point where I'm actually open about it in my real life hehe, thanks. I'm sorry to all my friends, that I haven't been very active for the last half year or so, since I've really tried to focus on my grades and exams, but now I'm relived to have summer break, and I'll now have more time to draw again. Sadly I can't draw on iPad until summer break ends (I'll get my own iPad then)

So for now, I'll stick to drawing on computer :^)

I wish all of you sc artists to have a great day, and you're all so awesome !! You've inspired me so much, and whenever I had an art block, I just scrolled through all the amazing drawings you've all made, and instantly got new inspiration QwQ Thank you so much !!

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