Loosely inspired by a tumblr post.

Basically Mazarine has to go to the human realm so she asks a certain someone to magic her a human disguise. Except instead of just a random person Mazarine was turned into what she would have looked like had she been born in their world.
She would have had brown hair, a bit darker and more faded than Felix's, but it would have turned almost fully gray at an extremely young age due to an unknown condition in which the melanin in her hair started reducing prematurely. (Oddly enough, she's completely healthy) Because of this she would dye her hair various colors, except for the tips because she thought it looked neat. She tends to lean more toward a pinkish color like in the drawing.

Oh! Also, this isn't my actual comic style. It's normally much cleaner and more detailed similar to my previous sketches. Since this specific sketch isn't canon to the story, I didn't want to put forth much effort.

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