For the pet birds challenge. Mozart was a Quaker Parrot that belonged to my son Brian. He had wanted and begged for this Quaker Parrot for some time. We finally happened on a shop that had several of them and Brian watched them in the cage for the longest time and finally came the words, "I want that one" so we made the necessary purchases and brought him home. He was promptly named Mozart and we set about making him part of the family. Almost from moment one he took a liking to me. I guess he needed a Mama because he would give me kisses and would try to bite everyone else. He would sit on my shoulder, then fly across the room and land on Brian's head. His vocabulary was never large but he would say hello and his favorite word was Mama! It really wasn't what Brian would have wished but he said it most. The day he left us for birdie Heaven, his human mama cried and cried. He was the last bird we ever owned. There just wasn't a replacement for Mozart.

. Thank you so much Marcia for featuring Mozart!! What a wonderful thing to see first thing in the morning!! You made my day!!!!!

Many Thanks for your beautiful honoring Mozart!!!

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