My movie would be a thriller/horror/dystopian. Lemme tell you about it
Its 2021 and a virus is waiting. After mutating and causing minor symptoms scientists and epidemiologists proclaim it harmless, but it should be kept under watch. Many people have it and dont know it, but the symptoms it creates got much, much worse. Those who thought they didnt have it learn that they do, and a staggering amount of people have been unknowingly infected. Severe symptoms include:
Hyper salivation
High fevers
Stomach pains/vomiting
Coughing up dark red/black mucus
First week- Severe symptoms
Second week- hair loss
Fourth week- blindness, loss of extremities, delusions
Sixth week- completely unrecognizable

There is a global panic and those who weren't infected were forced to be put under a medically induced coma so they could slow infection rate. Eventually governments fall and everything seems dead.
Of course, someone has to wake up.
Hopefully its "scary" enough, I wanted to try a slightly different style. Also, the story is pretty watered down so it fit here in the description.

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