!Based used but I changed it a bit and used my chibi style which is very weird cause my chibi style is thike the base persons style a bit although I had no style inspiration from them!

Ocs: (Start at top going from left to the end of the line)
-N, Radar, Mochi, Nocturn, Cherry, Temple, Prism, Lundi, Aira, Hex, Kenji.

2 almost 3 hours??? How did I take that long though?....
I have more important ocs but I didn't put them in this

-June 26 2017-
I just refreshed my notifs and then I saw " http://app.sketchclub.com/group/wonderland has features your sketch" I SWEAR. MY HEART SKIPPED A BEAT WHEN I SAW THAT.... OMFG TYSM~

ThaNkS for the
Kitty Bones CBB

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