Oki, a lot of people ask me how to do this so I thought might as well do a tutorial, I've been ask by multiple people so if u ask I'm just gonna show u this.

Lemme just explain some more here:
The modes of select are
- Replace : which is basically when u select something else the thing u selected previous will be gone
- Add : when u select something it will ADD to what's already been selected
- Subtract : when u select something ON TOP of something that has been selected it will SUBTRACT from the already selected
- Deselect : will automatically DESELECT everything
- Invert : will reverse what's already selected and basically do it inside out so anything that wasn't selected is vice versa
- Expand : will make the selection area bigger by how many pixels you want
- Contract : will make the selection area smaller by how many pixels you want
- Border : will make a border of selected area by how many pixels you want ((you can use this instead of expand but I like expand more since it also selects the whole area and sometimes border misses some pixels))
- Layer : will select whatever the CURRENT layer you are on

The more u use the select tool the more you will understand it
It took me a while to get the modes right but now it's the most helpful tool u can also move the selected area if u use the moving tool next to the colour wheel

HOPE THIS HELPED !! If u have anymore questions comment them and I'll get to them!!

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