OC now owned to: ☃️~•*Iced::Tea*•~❄️
Sorry this didn't turn out too well :/ I just updated her to make her more original and not plain white and purple.. it didn't go as planned?? *sigh* oh welll, her ya go anyway... :p

Name: Jewel
Gender: Female
Animal: Bear
Age: 13
S/O: Straight
Height: 5'2
Power: Teleportation
Crush: ??
Shippable: yes
Likes: Cake, doodling, nature, friends
Dislikes: The dark, dolls, scary movies, dirt

~I own the OC in the drawing!
~Please don't steal/copy/trace/reupload/claim my art!
~Feel free to give a or a ^^
~Have a great day/night~

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