Old Masters challenge

Berthe Morisot
Woman at her Toilette, 1875 -1880
Oil on canvas

Berthe Morisot was a female French impressionist and was held in high regard by the major male impressionists of the time. Edouard Manet, known as the father of Impressionism and Berthe Morisot were great friends and they influenced each other's work (it is also suspected that they were lovers). As a woman she gained more success as a painter at the time than her female counterparts and I think her paintings show why. While working on this for the Old Masters challenge I couldn't find a way to achieve Berthe's subtle use of pastels or come close to her masterful brush strokes that make the painting glow from within. The beautiful background was too difficult for a novice like me to capture and looks like a mess, but interestingly Berthe and her sister learned to paint by coping and Berthe registered at the Louvre as a copier, so I don't she would have minded too much that I couldn't come close to doing her painting justice and maybe even be glad I tried.

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