For the "Modern Meets Vintage" Compo, I chose to combine various forms of three dimensional imaging from the 1800s up through today. (Have we really been trying to replicate three dimensions for that long? And we still keep coming back to similar designs.)

I call it a TurDuckEnish sketch because it is a stereogram of a stereoscope looking at a picture of SketchBot using a 3D VR headset. On the table are a pair of 3D theatre glasses thrown in for full measure. Poor SketchBot...I wonder what he is watching?!?!

*****Viewing Notes*****

Since I love stereograms so much, it was only natural to turn my sketch into one. However, this one has a twist.
There are actually TWO stereoscopic images within this picture.

The first focal stereogram is of the stereoscope, table and glasses. If you find this image, SketchBot will appear flat (except I popped his mouth out for expression).

The second focal stereogram is of the "picture" that the stereoscope itself is focused on. If you zoom in only on that picture alone (either one will do), then you will see what SketchBot is doing. What do you think? Is he scared or amazed?
(SketchBot stereogram extracted here: )

Note: best viewed on a smaller screen or further away from a larger screen

*****For additional help*****

If you have difficulty seeing stereograms, perhaps this tutorial will help...

Otherwise, just enjoy the sketch and concept!

Thanks for the s!
Fire Dove

Thank you SketchClub for the !
I had to do a "triple take" ().

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