Yeah Art!

This is for the summer activity compo!

The activity is taking family photos on old polaroid cameras!

I wanted to mix cartoon and (crappy) realism to make this drawing.

Even though it's not the perfect (the goose, the goose poop, the chocolate on the boys face, and the angsty teen girl), it's still a great summer for this family

Enjoy! :D

Wow! It's on the top page of the compo entries! (#4) I hope people like it even though it's not realism when the voting starts uvu

Edit 2: wowowo! Top drawing!!! Dang! uwu

Edit: Omg! Thank you so much Quelonzia for the kind feature!!

Thank you for the hearts!
❤️ ❄️Ani--Mity❄️
❤️ PK
❤️ Anonymous
❤️ 🌧 Angels🌧
❤️ 🌓PlainPaint🌗
❤️ wyshvull
❤️ Quelonzia
❤️ Mark
❤️ Georgia Lee
❤️ Hawaiian Misty (Pam
❤️ Pinky tron 3000
❤️ Screaming Mimi
❤️ 👼🏻ngel NZ

Oh my gosh! Thank you for 5th place uvu ;3;

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5th place in Summertime Activities

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