Here is my first ever DTA entry! She is so cute! I dunno what happened with the was supposed to give an enchanted forest vibe with the purple tree but it didn't...PURPLE TREE! I don't think I'm gonna win...but I tried and that's all that matters! This took me a while...but it was worth it! Okay I made some info for her...I don't know if I was supposed to...was I? Let me know KingSillySmilez. Anyway here is the info:
Name: Marcella, but she goes by Marcy
Gender: Female (I can't draw guys >_<)
Age: 17
Species: Unicorn Wolf
Personality: curious, kind, adventurous, brave, and independent! She love the outdoors and she loves the nighttime(duh)
The DTA was made by the fabulous KingSillySmilez
I hope you like it! Have a great day/night! Buh-bye
Thank you sooo much for the heart SwiftSushi

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