This is one of my favorite places to boat, the Thousand Island region on the St Lawrence between Canada and the USA.

Here I am showing Rockport on the Ontario side and only a part of Boldt Castle in Alexandria Bay on the New York side. They are not that close together, but only a short boat ride away.

There are endless places to explore on the St Lawrence, but unfortunately, I've not been able to do much boating this year. The Great Lakes are experiencing record flooding and it continues to rain. Many of the islands are submerged making it difficult and dangerous to navigate the waters.

Thank you for suggesting the challenge Quelonzia, it was fun thinking of all the fun things that we can do in the summer!

Thank you for the feature Pam Hawaiian Misty (Pam! I appreciate that!

Thank you for the ❤️ hearts!

Hawaiian Misty (Pam
👼🏻ngel NZ
Fire Dove

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