summertime challenge , thanks to Quelonzia
For this fun challenge.

My fondest memories as a Child are when we would go to this cabin in New Mexico. We would spend 6 weeks up there. No phone, no t.v. or internet ( internet wasn't invented yet) we would read, swim in the stream, do art, hike, fish and spend a lot of time together. We saw lots of Hummingbirds, deer every morning and evening, chipmunks, beavers. It was just wonderful, a very happy fun summers.

The mountain range is called Hermits Peak and a married couple lived up there and yes, they were Hermits! For real but I am sure they have passed on now.

That water fountain always made everyone laugh. The owner was an avid rock collector and he built that water feature himself. Now that I am older and look at the photo I think he may have seen flying saucers in the night time skies and that is why the fountain looks like a space ship!

See WIP below. The photo of the cabin and mountain range are my photos. Bird and deer from World Wide Web!

Many Hugs and Kisses for the ❤️'S

Hawaiian Misty (Pam
Georgia Lee
Fire Dove

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