❤️❤️THANK YOU DEDICATIONS GROUP For the Feature ! ANd also choosing this for the group thumbnail. ❤️❤️❤️
I feel this is a WIP, but I wanted to post it for her tribute. It made me sad to post this and shed some tears along the way.

Violet was so kind to me , when I was new here she sent me downloads of some of her art to look at how she did her layers. I admired her and her art. I planned many times to co op with, here it is Violet. Two of my favorite pieces are the women on this rock holding onto the vine ( done in green gold hues) and the bubble in the tree with the little fairy. I thought they would make a good team in this drawing. May you be Discovering Amazing things where you are dear one.

The fairy is mine from a previous drawing made into a brush, as is the castle. 4 hours of this art is Violets.

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