This is probably the most detailed drawing I've ever made. I am so proud of this...

I colored it for the compo thingy. (This is also 100% symmetrical by the way. It's not in the rules but it's fun). I know I'm not going to win since I've seen the BEAUTIFUL works of art entered allready. And there are many more to come. I colored it using black, white, orange, and pink!

Thank you SO MUCH FOR THE FEATURE šŸŒ¹SilverGarnetšŸŒ¹!! I checked and this is the first entry in the compo to be featured! Tysm!!

Wow! Thank you for the heart šŸŒ¹SilverGarnetšŸŒ¹ and Neko!

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Created with an iPad 3
Uploaded 2017-07-17 01:43:26.795360
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