eight hours... how long has it been since i spent eight hours on a drawing..? I dunno, but this was actually very fun to draw
god, I almost gave up on this at one point. i forced myself to keep drawing it though, and actually ended up staying up until 3am (and still not finishing it by that time)
but now it's done, and I couldn't be prouder with it !!!
i just... really hope people actually see this.

the story behind this sketch is the fact I realised i have a bunch of musicians/characters that appear frequently in stories and drawings, and even shenanigans i act out in my head.
from top to bottom, left to right, we got,
Alexander, Voluminous, Tristam, Rogue, Braken, Xtrullor, Muzzy, Noisestorm, Dion Timmer, Michael and Minko
((ghhh mink is so smol and adorable i can t
also my highlighting style worked so well with vol's hair,,,, i love it so much))

these guys have been in a lot of my stories, along with some others too, but the guys in the drawing appear the most. Rogue appears slightly less times, but I consider him to still be important (plus I've decided hes Tristam and Braken's third wheel- like Dion is to Muzzy and Xtrullor as well)

while i did reference a base for this, **I did not trace anything**. look at the sketch stats. no image loads. I also actually changed a lot of things, like adding Noisestorm and Minko, and changing poses to suit the characters, like for Muzzy and Rogue. (people who actually trace bases always say they "changed a lot of things", but yet, they don't really. plus, they still get hearts, comments and even get featured and stuff, then when I produce something 100% original like my other artworks i get little to nothing.)

I went on a bit of a rant there oops, but if you *did* look in the sketch stats, you'll also see I didn't use the fill tool. that was my challenge for this drawing to push myself to work harder, no use of fill, only vector and pen. it worked, too. and it was fun.

this sketch actually makes me feel really happy, because even though I don't own most of these characters personally (except Voluminous and Minko, they're ocs), i love to draw and write about them. especially Muzzy and Xtrullor.
I actually based this off a song too
Vicetone - Apex
if you like happy electronic stuff, I recommend it.

so, yeah.
i really do hope this gets a bit of attention, I basically poured my heart and soul into it to actually get it finished.

EDIT: after checking, this drawing is the one ive spent the most time on. beats my last record of 7 hours and 16 minutes. wow.

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