Thank you sketchclub for featuring this sketch, I do realise it is horrible ;-)
This is a compo now, never think a vent cannot be art, there are plenty of examples of very famous paintings that may be described as a vent.
Picasso's guernica to name one or the scream by Munch.
looking forward to seiing all of your creative enties.

Despite me being such a relaxed person, ;-p Just a tiny bit annoyed with life, aren't we all from time to time. sktchy ref I used. Imguess I should call this a vent ;-p
Compo invite:
lets all vent, you express the emotion but not the details of the how and why. You need to vent with art, it's about art, not just words and scribbles. Try and get the emotion out of your head and on the paper. Then burn it or maybe not :p

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