Heyoooooo I'm backoooooo

I drew this while actually watching the Eddisode Saloonatics , and boy oh boy I redrew my Favourite scene (( also Saloonatics is my Favourite Eddisode ))

When I was first introduced to Eddsworld, the first ever Eddisode I ever watched was Saloonatics (( Word count : 3 )) . Of course, Prince Matt was Obviously my Favourite character at the time, but now I love all of them, even Tord. But my The scene that stood out to me the most was when Tom gave that look to Edd & Matt agreeing with Tom, ah I love them all

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this. I'm also adding a link to Saloonatics if you wanna watch it for yourself! ~

Thanks and have a amazing day!~


Edd-it - Ahhh thankyoo so much for the awesome feature http://app.sketchclub.com/group/eddsworld ! It really made my day!

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