The legend says that many years ago, there were a Great War between Angami and the powerful empire Zerojia

A young human girl met a boy at the border, and fell in love. Everyday they would run over to their secret place where they could be them self. Everyone said that humans and werewolves couldn't be together. One day a werewolf girl that fell in love with the young werewolf snuck out and followed him. She saw the two together and was furious.=20

,,I love you Drea and I will always be by your side" the boy said, and the girl couldn't take it. She ran over to Drea and killed her in front of the boy. The boy wouldn't accept the girl's love, and just stayed by his lovers side as she disappeared into dust. Heartbroken he refused food and water and one day died beside where his lover once where. It's said that her father were so moved by their love story that he sat them into the stars where they could forever chase each other. And one day they will meet on earth again and feel in love once again. When that happens the stars would move closer until they once again is in each others arms.

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