aah. i was looking through my sketches, and saw my big sketch of Avyria ideas. And I thought, hey, I have all these ideas, why not do something with them?

So. If you've been fanned to me for a while, you'll probably remember my failed attempt at a comic- Chvsdvy. It didn't go so well.
But, I've- well, I'd like to say I've grown as an artist, but I haven't, really. I've just... slightly improved.

But I want to give making a comic another try, and this time with better characters, a better story, and more planning than OMG I LOVE CAT PEOPLE OMG THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA. HANG ON WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HELP HELP HELP

It'd be about those three characters, Starlit, Nightfall, Peacock, plus a few more bc come on you know how much I love making useless characters lol

So.. what do you guys think? Should I try again? Would you even be interested in seeing another comic from me? Would you even care?

If you guys are actually okay with me doing this, then I'll start! If you don't, well. I tried. I might still do it. But I probably won't be as excited as now.

okay that's all from me!! byeee

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