Drawn For The Ancients Guess the Movie/ Actor Challenge
Please send your guesses to BrianD; do not put them in the comments, as that would spoil the fun! 😘
I see the stats say I used 3 filters, but I didn't actually use any. I wish the stats would accurately reflect our use of filters

Thank you so much for gifting a heart ❤️
Shirlart ❤️
Charmayos ❤️
Edgeways ❤️
🥝Kiwi🥝 ❤️
Ruscifi ❤️
Kat ❤️
Orville ❤️
Sheridan Cain ❤️
Hawaiian Misty (Pam ❤️
Char ❤️
Fire Dove ❤️
Obilio ❤️
Celeste Anleu ❤️
Debora.m ❤️
wind dancer ❤️
Marcia Wegmann ❤️
Bailey336 ❤️
Stayze ❤️
Sena ❤️
MaggyC ❤️
Talyar ❤️
Late Bloomer ❤️
MDaqqi ❤️

Wow, Shirlart! Thank you so much! You've certainly brightened my day with this special gift ⭐️💕⭐️😘💕⭐️

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Challenge: Free Draw Friday!!

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