And it's a true story, starring yours truly.
Hitting a jump too fast once cost me thirty minutes of amnesia, a ride in an ambulance, and a $7,000 hospital bill (covered by travel insurance!). Oh, and a whiplash injury that shows up on x-rays to this day, a neck as straight as a flag pole.
I realised as soon as I found myself about twenty feet in the air that the landing wasn't going to be fun. Straight down onto hard-packed snow, pretty much directly onto the back of my neck. Truly, only by the grace of whatever was looking out for me that day have I not spent the last eighteen years in a wheelchair. It could've been real bad. Especially given that I had a bag of weed in my pocket! Geez, imaging being paralyzed and imprisoned on the same day...

Lighten up, it's just a funny memory now!

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