Loooook at him
I love this can I just say that?
Anyways here's his info.=20

he's really weird just warning ya now UvU

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Personality: Random, crazy, sassy, however you can find him at a bar and vent to him about your problems; he might even pay for your drink and give you a free therapy session

Likes: Bright, vibrant colors, coffee, soda, night clubs (he commonly uses a human form for those kinds of events) late nights, rain and thunder, Glass Animals, Knife Party, Mystery Skulls FTW.

Dislikes: Dull, more sedate colors, tea, grocery stores, crashes (as in sugar/caffeine crashes), Ariana Grande, early mornings, hot/humid summer days, winter, anyone who feels the need to abuse someone at a club (he will gladly kick anyone with very pointed heels)

Also, his name is the name of a mythological demon if you dont mind searching it up

Lucky me I had copied this so I didnt have to re type it when SketchClub had a seizure

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