Drawn for the Birds Group Garden Visitors Challenge
This special Hummingbird is native to the West Coast, and when we lived in Vancouver for three years, we would see these little jewels everywhere. Last winter, when temperatures in Vancouver dipped to minus 7, people were putting candles under their nectar feeders to keep them from freezing, as these hummers don't migrate. There are pictures of people hand feeding these birds nectar last winter! Now, that would be a special experience for a bird lover!
Anna's Hummingbird was recently named the official Bird of Vancouver http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/annas-hummingbird-vancouver-bird-1.4122817

Thank you so much for the special gift of a heart ❤️
Marilee Johnson ❤️
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Fire Dove ❤️
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Wow, Char! Thank you so much! What an honour! And it's my first double feature! Kind of like stepping outside and see the double rainbow in the sky ⭐️💕⭐️😘⭐️

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