A character from my story.
Troublemaking class clown by day, mischievous adventurer by night. Kai Bennett is a jack of all trades, master of none.
When Ryland starts ditching school with the new girl Lucienne, Kai wants in on whatever they're doing. Claiming that since Ryland is her best friend she should go too, he drags his twin sister Mai along with him.
They find that the girls have been disappearing to a clearing in the forest with hundreds of dreamcatchers hanging amongst the trees. Kai tries to confront Ryland, but before he could, she blinked away like a hologram.
Confused, Kai attempts to tear a dreamcatcher from a tree. In doing so, time slowed around him and everything turned white. He couldn't see a thing, but he felt like he was floating, traveling extremely fast, but to where? This happened in a matter of seconds.
Suddenly, he found himself being kicked out of the white void, falling face first onto the ground of a different forest. (Mai's arrival was much more graceful. Instead of face-planting, she carefully stepped into existence) Kai looked up just in time to see Ryland staring back at him, a glowing sword pointed at his face, as the color drained from hers in absolute, petrified shock.

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